Fired Up for the Change We Need!

Amplifying Youth Voices for our Communities and the Environment

Low-income neighborhoods in Oakland are burdened with many environmental challenges, including toxic pollution from heavy industry, poor air and water quality, and lack of green space. Young people living in these areas are among those most impacted by this pollution, suffering from asthma and other serious health issues.

New Voices Are Rising knows that it’s these very young people, who experience environmental burdens on a daily basis, who are the best leaders for change!

Our New Voices Are Rising students are Fired Up to address these community challenges and demand a clean and healthy environment for everyone!

In New Voices’ 2018 Summer Climate Justice Youth Leadership Academy, 16 high school students from low-income areas of Oakland will participate in a 6-week intensive environmental justice training program. The Academy takes students on a deep-dive into local environmental justice issues, while building their leadership and advocacy skills along the way.

This summer, our students will learn about sustainable architecture during a field trip to San Francisco's Ecocenter, and learn about air pollution and health impacts affecting fenceline communities near the Richmond refineries. They will speak face-to-face with local decision-makers about environmental justice issues in their communities, connect with nature during overnight camping trips and rafting on the American River, and strengthen their job and leadership skills in externship placements with our community partners.

Your donation to the Fired Up for the Change We Need campaign provides all of these experiences and more to our 2018 Summer Academy students, and helps build the movement for cleaner, healthier, and more just communities! 

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